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Police - Crime Prevention
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Chief of Police
Thierry G. Dupuis

Mailing Address
Chesterfield County Police Department
P.O. Box 148
Chesterfield, VA 23832

Street Address
10001 Iron Bridge Road
Chesterfield, VA 23832
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Phone Numbers
Emergencies dial 911
804-748-6265 Fax

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Police Department
Police - Crime Prevention

The Crime Prevention Unit of the Community Services Division strives to provide a FIRST CHOICE community by educating residents on how they may anticipate, recognize, and reduce crime. We are very proud of the fact we have developed programs that address all walks of life in our community. We are able to accomplish this goal through a variety of programs that we offer to individuals as well as businesses. Our Neighborhood Watch and Business Watch programs have been used as models for other jurisdictions. We address the needs of our seniors as well as the younger residents. Our programs cover a wide range of topics including bicycle safety, work place violence prevention, and fraud prevention for seniors.

Listed below are some of the programs that we present. To learn more about these programs, please call (804)-318-8699.

Crime Prevention Programs

Boy/Cub Scout - Presentations can be scheduled on the first Monday of each month at the Police Department Community Services Facility.

Business Security - Teaches physical, procedural and environmental security for businesses.

Business Watch - Teaches how to start and maintain a successful Business Watch.

Commercial Robbery - How employees can prevent and react to a robbery.

Daycare Security - Designed to educate managers and employees of day or child care facilities on business specific crime prevention techniques.

Fraud and Scams - Teaches how to prevent frauds specifically targeted toward the older population.

Home Security - Teaches residents how to properly protect their home from burglary, theft, vandalism, etc.

Vehicle Security  

Home Security Assessments - A crime prevention officer visits your home and assesses your security and gives written recommendations to enhance it.

Neighborhood Watch - How to start and effectively maintain a Watch Program.

Personal Safety  - How to prevent personal crimes such as robbery and how to properly react if you are attacked.

Security for Faith Based Groups - Teaches tips on how to recognize and react to potentially violent situations in places of worship.

Violence in the Workplace - Teaches how to reduce risk of violent acts in the workplace.

Senior Programs -Learn how to protect your identity and keep your assets from being stolen

Surviving an Active Shooter Incident - Tragic events across the country have shown that people intent on committing violent acts can strike any place at any time. The link below contains advice on what to do in the event that something violent occurs at a business or office. The video was created by the mayor's office in the City of Houston through a federally funded grant, and was shown to employees of that city in the wake of the mass shooting in Colorado. While police officers will react differently to the situation depicted, the actions and advice provided are in line with maximizing the opportunity for people to survive such a threat. Please view the video and consider the suggestions provided.